Area Chairs

Current PopCAANZ area chairs are:

Biography and Life Writing: Rachel Franks:

Business: Vicki Karaminas:

Celebrity Studies: Alex Bevan:

Comics, Manga and Anime: Paul Mountfort:

Creative Writing: Karen Simpson Nikakis:

Curating: Heather Gailbraith:

Design: Peter Gilderdale:

Disability: Kimberley McMahon-Coleman:

Entertainment: Tanya Nitins:

Electronic Ecologies: Ryszard Dabek:

Fandom: Katherine Larsen:

Fashion: Vicki Karaminas:
                Justine Taylor:

Fiction: Rachel Franks:

Film: Daniel Binns:

Food: Jill Adams

Gender and Queer: Anita Brady:

Girlhood Studies: Juliette Peers:

Gothic and Horror: Lorna Piatti-Farnell:

History: Bronwyn Labrum:

Indigenous: Jakelin Troy:

Journalism: Sue Green:

Law: Jason Bainbridge:

Museum Studies: Lyn Hicks:

Performance: Sue Osmond:

Popular Romance: Jodi McAlister:

Race and Whiteness Studies: Holly Randell-Moon:

Radio and Audio Media: Martin Hadlow:

Religion: Holly Randell-Moon:

Science: Steven Gil:

Spatial Arts: Julieanna Preston:

Subcultures: Kathryn Hardy Bernal:

Television: Rosser Johnson:

Textiles: Vishna Collins:

Toys and Games: Jason Bainbridge:

Visual Arts: Adam Geczy:

The area chairs are responsible for:

  • - Distributing CFPs, gathering abstracts, organising panels, round tables or special discussion sessions.
  • - Organising & briefing the panel chairs – area chairs do NOT have to chair each panel.
  • - Providing Pres/Vice-Pres with any information about books, journals, etc.
  • - Providing any materials you think should be included in the conference satchels (e.g. flyers).
  • - Keeping in touch with delegates re: their questions about accommodation, payments,  a/v requirements, panel times, etc. and relay back to Pres/Vice-Pres any problems.
  • - Fielding media enquiries – letting Pres./Vice-Pres. know if any paper looks particularly promising for the press release.
  • - Holding an area meeting.
  • - Soliciting for articles for publication.
  • - Organising referees for articles.
  • - Organising book and exhibition reviews for journal.

If you are interested in becoming a PopCAANZ area chair, please contact PopCAANZ President Vicki Karaminas: