Environments, Spaces and Transformations

Call for papers
Environments, Spaces and Transformations
5-6 June 2014
Inaugural MFCO Early Career-Graduate Conference
Department of Media, Film and Communication
University of Otago, New Zealand

Keynote speakers: Dr Fiona Allon, University of Sydney & Associate Professor Vijay Devadas, University of Otago

Conference organisers: Maud Ceuterick and Alex Thong

This interdisciplinary conference invites papers addressing the shifting relations between environments, spaces and their transformations. Continue reading

Music and Environment

Call for papers
Music and Environment Symposium
University of Technology, Sydney
Friday 26 April 2013

Music relates to different types of environmental transformations: social, economic, political, cultural or technological, while environmental changes can be heard in music and soundscapes. There has been an increase in academic discourse relating to the ecology of sound, or ‘green music’, often in relation to the preservation of an environment’s sonority. Environmental sounds figure in sound sculptures, installations and compositions. In popular music, the notion of place has been of particular interest. Labels such as the “Seattle”, “Liverpool”, “Perth” or “Dunedin” sound have come to function as almost genre-like distinctions relating to place-based music. Continue reading

Women and the Silent Screen VII

Call for papers
Women and the Silent Screen VII
University of Melbourne
30 September – 2 October 2013

Women and the Silent Screen VII, the seventh international conference on women and early film, will be co-hosted by the University of Melbourne, Australia, 30 September – 2 October 2013. Previously held in Utrecht, Santa Cruz, Montréal, Guadalajara, Stockholm and Bologna, this is the first time the conference has been brought to the Australia-Pacific region. We are inviting participants to submit abstracts (200-300 words, headed by a paper title) as well as a short biographical statement by 1 March 2013. Continue reading

Gothic Area

Gothic Area
Gothic Area Chair: Lorna Piatti-Farnell

This is just a little announcement for those who didn’t catch the news a few months ago: PopCAANZ now has its own Gothic Area! All papers focusing on topics with a Gothic flair in a variety of media and artefacts – from vampires to zombies, werewolves, monsters, ghouls, spectres, magic, death, trans/post/in-humanity, the grotesque, hauntings, dark aesthetics, and the uncanny – are highly encouraged. Please contact Gothic Area Chair Lorna Piatti-Farnell at gothic@popcaanz.com if you are interested in submitting a paper for the conference or journal.

Washington PCA 2013 Deadline

Call for papers
Popular Culture Association / American Culture Association
Annual Conference
27 March – 30 March 2013
Washington Marriott Wardman Park

A reminder that the deadline for papers is 30 November – two weeks away. Please follow instructions below.

1. go to the submission area
2. create an account
3. be SURE to look at the dropdown menu for Australia and New Zealand Area (it’s 15th on the list).
4. upload your abstract.

Proposing a Presentation at the Conference

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