The Australasian Journal of Popular Culture: The Crime Issue

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The Australasian Journal of Popular Culture
The Crime Issue

Following on from the successful conference in Melbourne, I should like to remind you that next year’s special issue of The Australasian Journal of Popular Culture, which will be launched in Brisbane at the 2013 conference, is on crime. So, if your conference paper this year was on crime (crime fiction, crime on TV or film, true crime, and so on), or if you have written or would like to write a paper on this topic, please consider sending it through to me at this email address:

Authors should refer to the journal’s website for details about style, but I should like to ask at this stage that you aim to keep papers within the 5,000-6,000-word bracket and that you make sure that you have secured permissions for any images that you would like to use (and the journal is keen to have images).

The deadline for getting papers to me is end September 2012.


PopCAANZ Journal Update

The latest two issues of the journal are printed and will be distributed via mail shortly. If you have changed your snail mail address then please contact Membership Secretary Rebecca Beirne at asap.

Intellect are revamping their website, and so URLs for online versions will be available shortly.

Thank you all for your contributions, reviews and support.