PopCAANZ 2015 Exhibition: Virtually Pop

Call for digital creative works
PopCAANZ 2015 Exhibition: Virtually Pop
PopCAANZ 6th Annual International Conference
29 June-1 July 2015
Massey University Campus, Wellington, New Zealand

The Popular Culture Association of Australia and New Zealand (PopCAANZ) is calling for proposals to an exhibition associated with its 6th Annual Conference.

The exhibition will feature original works in various virtual forms such as videos, digital still images, films, websites and animations including representations of two or three-dimensional works. We invite artists, artist academics, and cultural practitioners and those with a scholarly interest in popular culture, to submit creative work including:
• A statement outlining the creative work’s contribution and relation to popular culture. Note that the theme of the exhibition is a proposition not a prescription
• A description of the art / design work(s)
• Link(s) to Zip drive, Cloudstor, websites or shared folders where the work can be viewed
• Identification of digital format, file type, sound and duration (if applicable)
• Technical requirements
• 1-page curriculum vitae with contact details

Send all proposals to Julieanna Preston (j.preston@massey.ac.nz) and Adam Geczy (adam.geczy@sydney.edu.au) by 15 February 2015. All creative works must be new and original and not have been exhibited or disseminated before. Submissions will be reviewed by a peer-review curatorial panel and decisions announced by 15 March 2015. The exhibition will be accompanied by a catalogue. Exhibiting artists/designers are expected to attend the PopCAANZ Conference.

Note that there will be opportunities for ‘critical impact’ in the form of visual citations in the journal (at the discretion of the editors) as well as a review of the exhibition in the Australasian Journal of Popular Culture.