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Best New Zealand Online Casinos in 2020

Of all the forms of entertainment that have been in the land of a population of four million, gambling is the one that witnessed a graph of constant crests and troughs. Casinos weren’t an integral part of the country for the years when the government had imposed restrictions. However, these were lifted over the years to open the doors for a better inflow of revenue. While the government focused on bigger numbers, the demographic gradually rose to keep losing money in certain games.

Though land-based casinos have been in the country for quite some time now, gamblers mostly prefer to play on online casinos. But choosing one site for all the weekend games can be challenging as hundreds of options are available on the internet, including offshore websites. Aspiring gamblers might find it difficult to land on the best online casino, especially in the year with a bigger influx of gambling businesses and convenient gaming options. Let us look at the best New Zealand online casinos in 2020.

1. JackpotCity


If you know the big names in the business, JackpotCity is an online casino everyone would be familiar with. It has been rated as the best in the country, offering bonuses worth $1800 over the period of their extended career. Payout is triggered 1-2 days, and the win rate stands at a whopping 97.84%. JackpotCity offers secure banking options, live dealer games, more than 600 games, and a mammoth winning option with the $5 million Mega Moolah jackpot. More than 5-6 payment methods are also offered on the site.

2. Spin Casino

This is another online casino that gained popularity over the past several decades in many countries. In New Zealand, it is offering bonuses of more than $2000 and pays out the winnings in less than two days. The win rate on the website falls in the range of 96%-98%. More than $5 million is paid out every day on the site through the 700+ high-quality games. A wide range of deposit methods is available on Spin Casino.

3. Europa Casino

Enter Europe’s gambling world with a sign-up on this website, and travel back to the era of settlement in the country. The hobby of gambling was promoted in New Zealand after the shift of Europeans in the 1700s. People have accepted all the games since then, and the industry also grew into a huge revenue-generating one. The site offers a win rate of around 98.26% and a payout speed of 2 days. You can easily access the 24/7 customer support that helps you through the various stages of your career. All the deposit options have added bonuses, and they are offered through the thousands of games on the platform.



Get started on this website to be enriched in the first session that pays out a bonus of $2500. The win rate on LeoVegas is 97.63%, and the winnings will be paid out within three days.

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